The 400 North Medical Center has state of the art equipment capable of performing various x-rays that have been ordered by a physician/nurse practitioner.

Your x-rays are performed by an x-ray technologist that is registered through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (AART) and has a licensure through the Indiana State Department of Health.

How to prepare for the test: 

Before the x-ray is performed, inform the x-ray technologist if you are pregnant, may be pregnant, or if you have an IUD inserted. Metal can cause unclear images. Jewelry will need to be removed if it is in the area of the body part being imaged. You may be asked to wear a gown during your test. Although x-rays are painless, some body positions needed during an x-ray may cause temporary discomfort.

All x-rays are monitored and regulated so you get the minimum amount of radiation exposure needed to produce the image.

Ordering of x-rays:

Physicians outside our practice are welcome to have their patient’s x-rays performed here. We must have an original order that includes type of x-ray to be performed, diagnosis code and where results should be forwarded.

The radiologists at La Porte Hospital will interpret the x-rays performed at our facility. We will then forward those results to the ordering physician. Turn around time for results of your test are approximately three (3) days.

Need a copy of your x-ray?

Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) is a patient record system that digitally obtains, stores and retrieves diagnostic images. PACS allows us to digitize medical images and process them for reading/the interpretation by a radiologist in a fraction of the time it takes to process film. In addition, patient images and radiologist’s reports can securely be stored on PACS. Upon request your physician may view your x-ray images by obtaining a CS which will include the x-ray order, images and radiologist report. Your physician may view this by simply putting the CS in her/her computer which will automatically display your x-ray images. If you would like a copy/CD of your x-ray please contact our radiology department at (219) 879-0333 extension 230.

No appointment is necessary for x-rays

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